1st Month
Education & engagement in the fine arts are an essential part of the school curriculum. As kids manipulate a paint brush, their fine motor skills improve. Most importantly kids feel good when they are creating, art helps boost self confidence. Since kids are creative from beginning, so this fine arts course is being offered specially for kids to enhance their creativity. In the Basic Course students will be introduced with lines & different shapes. They will learn about tracing, how to draw & color neatly. They will also learn about square method. Different activities e.g. match stick activity, thumb painting etc are being taught to the students. Students will also learn about Primary & Secondary colors. They will also learn how to apply poster paints. In basic course emphasis will be on drawing & applying the colors neatly. They will also learn about Collage Work, origami and pencil shading.

2nd Month

In this course higher level of different activities & methods of art will be introduced to the students. Kids will do different activities, e.g. Pencil Sharpen activity, bead work etc. They will learn how to make different things with paper. This art is called Origami. Pottery Painting will also be taught to the students. Kids will learn how to paint different kind of pots. They will learn vegetable printing in which the students will make different designs with vegetables. Students will make still lives in pencil shading & with color pencil shading. Students will make beautiful landscapes using poster paints. The concept of this course is to help students learn about shading and making these dimensional objects.

Duration of Course: 2 month

Fee of Course: 2500 Rs per month

Admission Fee: 500 Rs

Certificate will be provided upon completion of the course.
Every student will bring their own material. List of material will be provided