Fabric Painting is divided into two months course.

1st Month
In first month of Fabric Painting following shall be taught to the students. Fabric Painting is a great way to add new life to plain fabric and decorate it. Mastering the art of fabric painting allows you to become your own fashion or interior designer by painting your ideas into existence. Fabric Painting techniques are ways of creating colorful pictures & designs on fabric using paints and brushes, stencils etc. Different techniques are used in Fabric Painting e.g. Pearl Painting, emboss painting, acrylic painting and heliography silk.

§  In Pearl Painting, pearl colors are used. These paints have shine in them.
§  In Emboss Painting the paints have fluffy texture.
§  Sparkling Painting have shining effect
§  Acrylic Painting & simple fabric painting are good for shading effects. In this students learn shading by using these paints.
§  Heliography Silk is a different technique. Paints are applied on fabric and sunlight is used for best result.
         Students paint shirts, dupattas, cushions covers, table mat etc. 
In all the techniques students trace a design on fabric & then apply paint on it. Students can also apply paints in abstract manner.

2nd Month
In the second month of Fabric Painting, different techniques e.g. Block Printing, Silk Painting, Marbling, Spray Painting and Collage are taught.

§  In Block Printing, different types of blocks are used with the paints. Students make attractive designs with this method.
§  Silk Painting is another delicate method. Paints on silk material are little difficult to handle.
§  Another different method is Marbling, in which small marble pieces are used with paints. Paints are also applied with salt & sugar.
§  Spray painting is also very appealing technique. It is applied with tooth brush or spray bottle.
§  Collage Work can be done with different types of paints. Embroidery sequences & beads etc can also be used to enhance the beauty of paints.
         Students can make dupattas, shirts, bed covers, decorative frames, landscapes, table mats etc

Duration of Course: 2 month
Fee of Course: 2500 Rs per month
Admission Fee: 500 Rs

Certificate will be provided upon completion of the course.
Every student will bring their own material. List of material will be provided