It is a 2 months course. It is a decorative art. It is a contemporary art which has been derived from the age old art of stained glass painting which involves putting smaller colored pieces of glass together. It was a common feature in high windows & doors etc in the older times & can still be seen in old buildings. Glass painting is the art of producing designs with paints on glass. We can decorate our houses by making frames, landscapes, lamp shades, screens etc.

1st Month
It consists of fine techniques. Students learn how to handle lead and apply paints on simple glass, tinted glass, textured glass, looking mirror etc. Different types of paints are used e.g. transparent colors, crystalline colors etc. Other techniques e.g. spray painting, collage work & etching are used in glass painting.

  • In Spray Painting different sprays are used on glass or mirror.
  • In Collage Work students used different materials along with paints e.g. beads, sequences etc.
  • In etching students etch the looking mirror & apply paints on it.
  • Students make floral patterns, landscapes, abstract designs etc on glass or mirror.

2nd Month
It consists of painting on lamp shades, screens etc. Dusting techniques and mix medias are also included in this month. Students paint lamp shades, mushrooms, screens & many other things made of fiber glass or simple glass or mirror. They can apply different paints & different techniques on them.

Duration of Course: 2 month
Fee of Course: 2500 Rs per month
Admission Fee: 500 Rs

Certificate will be provided upon completion of the course.
Every student will bring their own material. List of material will be provided